Monday, 4 June 2012

23 minutes of writing 7 minutes reading

the writing:
Writing what I Perceive at Melin Glonc

the embedded code is not working anymore - you will need to follow the link


  1. With two tabs open, I liked the connection of looking at your images on Flickr and hearing you write.

    Came back here to listen to you read and loved the slowly encroaching orange along the cityscape skyline of the soundwave graph ~ and its reflection.

    Also loved how you had to pause periodically to decipher your speed writing.....or did you use shorthand?

  2. helen - I wrote full words, they just got a bit squiggly. I have photographed the sheets & will process and post them soonish.
    Sound cloud is lovely to watch isn't it?

  3. I enjoyed the added sense of visual as I read along....a sense of fullness and completion.

    Did you prepare any of what you wrote in your mind before starting?