Tuesday, 19 June 2012

a photo album

an album that was placed on the green windowsill
unfortunately slide share does not like font I used.... and now the embed code is not working properly, so you will need to follow THIS LINK....

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

bydd dŵr bydd blawd: the installation

bydd dŵr bydd blawd

bydd dŵr bydd blawd
bydd dŵr bydd blawd

bydd dŵr bydd blawd

bydd dŵr bydd blawd

monday's breakfast presentation

you will need to click the arrows to proceed through this show...it was originally timed. Also I spoke rather than having text on the slides! And sorry no sound on the slide that indicates sound - and...sometimes it requests a page refresh

Monday, 4 June 2012

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

what is happening when at Rhôd 2012

If you would like to follow this link you will find flyers about the events at
Rhôd 2012 on 3rd & 4th June
at Melin Glonc, Drefelin, Drefach Felindre, Sir Gâr

2pm 3rd June
with performances timetabled [I will do a very short reading at 5.15]

Pick 'N' Mix Disco
8 - 11pm 3rd June
Neuadd Y Ddraig Goch - Drefach Felindre - Red Dragon Hall

Pecha Kucha: Breakfast event
11am 4th June
10 artists 20 slides for 20 seconds
Melin Glonc

 WARP and Rhôd are working together to coordinate transport from Cardiff to Melin Glonc, Camarthenshire, on Sunday 3rd June. Mari Beynon Owen is coordinating transport from Camarthen train station to the Rhôd site.

You can also be returned to Camarthen train station in the evening (or the next morning if you would prefer to stay the night). There will be a free meal provided for everyone travelling by train.

The train details are:
Sunday June 3rd
Depart Cardiff Central: 12.10/// Arrive Camarthen: 13.47.
Depart Camarthen: 22.34/// Arrive Cardiff Central: 00.30.

If you would like to get together and visit Rhôd, please email Mari at mari.beynon.owen@ntlworld.com to register your interest as soon as possible.



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